We have been involved with many projects and partnerships over the years:

  • Consulted with engineers and sourced important recycled plastics to help construct the first BRIDGES made from post-consumer recycled goods.
    • This is a video of an A-1 tank driving over one of our bridges:

  • The same engineering went into constructing other materials such as railroad ties and dock pilings.
  • Provided a home for millions of pounds of NY MRF facility films that were being landfilled.
  • Partnered with Samsung to help bring competitive ABS & PC/ABS to the American Market.
  • Partnered with Good-Will and associates to help them deal with and manage their recyclable goods.
  • Provided countless tons of materials that have been converted to new films, toys and even the clothes you may be wearing!
  • BPS is a sourcing specialist that can also provide a wide range of prime resins as well. We specialize in the high-heat variety- contact us to see our very competitive pricing and service that will be better than any you have had previously!

BPS was formed in 2008 with the goal of decreasing the amount of material being landfilled on both the local level and the Industrial level. Our goal is to minimize, or eliminate, the land-filling of ANY material at these levels. We will strive to find uses for any polymers that are put into the system to be re-used. We are committed to a better tomorrow by managing reusable refuse responsibly, today.

We here at Brandywine Plastics & Sourcing have several very simple goals that guide our business plan:

  • Reduce the amount of material that is being dumped into our landfills.
  • Find end-uses for the redirected material.
  • Connect the sources with these end-users
  • Provide quality products to our customers and at the very best prices.
  • Combine human ingenuity with creative engineering to solve complex problems facing the world today so that we leave a better environment for our future generations.
  • With this, we can partner with people and companies who share the idea that tomorrow needs to be preserved today, and through proprietary thinking and creativity, we can accomplish great things together!



​​Brandywine Plastics & Sourcing